Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I can't believe it's Writerly Wednesday again. The week flew by so fast. Hope you all had a happy and safe Easter weekend, shared with family and friends and lots of good food.

This weeks picture was difficult for me, but once an idea popped into my head, the story wrote itself. Hope you enjoy it.


            Our two-year-old Chrissy found the rabbit hidden under her bed that Sunday morning. She’d held it up and giggled excitedly. “Bunny, Mommy.” 
            Has a year really passed since last Easter?
            I held the rabbit tight; flooded with memories rendering my heart heavy. We’d lost her two days later to a drunk driver who hit our car. Someone found the rabbit on the road and gave it to the police. I buried my face in Bunny’s fur and cried.
            Bunny went into the box with Chrissy’s things for my husband to store in the attic.
             My eyes scanned the redecorated room and the bassinet in the corner. My hands moved to my blossoming abdomen. This baby could never replace Chrissy but a new life could help us cope with the loss of another.
            I smiled. One day, I’ll give her Bunny and tell her of the sister she’ll never know.

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