Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Last month my publisher, Fountain Blue Publishing put on a one-day writers' workshop online. Whenever I participate in these workshops, I always learn something new about writing and marketing. One of the topics we covered that day was 'Branding'. 

This is a term I am well familiar with, having worked in municipal government. We had a series of meetings regarding the branding of our village to not only increase tourism, but to attract people to move to our small town.

Branding is used for businesses as well to market their products.

But for writers?

What I learned from my workshop was that when I market my books, I'm not only selling products (my books), I'm also selling myself. Therefore, I need a brand. Something my readers will come to recognize as me. Something that says I follow this author and let's see what new books she has released.

The Georgia Series books have a recurring character in them--a raven called Feathers. He plays a role in the lives of my characters. In section breaks in the books, my publisher uses the raven to separate them. The Raven is important to indigenous people and to my story. He represents intelligence, is a creator and a healer. All of these qualities are found in my heroine, Georgia Charles. These are the qualities of an empowered woman.

A lot of thought and playing around in Print Shop went into the creation of a raven as my logo. Today, I have released the final logo that represents my books and my brand. Visually, I love that the Raven is looking through a portal from the mortal world into the spiritual realm. This logo says all I want it to say and I am proud to embrace it as my brand. 

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Keep on keep on writing!

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