Saturday, May 10, 2014


I'm so pleased and excited to announce that Fountain Blue Publishing of California has picked up Winter's Captive, Book 1 and Chasing Georgia, Book 2 of The Georgia Series.

Winter's Captive will be republished with a new cover and will be followed by Chasing Georgia.

So who are Fountain Blue Publishing

At Fountain Blue Publishing, we do not accept every book that is submitted. We are not a vanity press, we are a publishing company that strives to provide excellent customer service to our authors. We take the time and the care to work with our authors through the process of publishing their best book possible.

You can read more about this publisher and what they offer HERE on their website.

I look forward to working with Melanie, Kim, and all the staff at Fountain Blue. I will let you all know when these books will be released once I have a publishing schedule.

For all of you unpublished authors out there, and those who are stumbling, never give up on your dream and remember to keep on keeping on writing.

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