Wednesday, May 18, 2016


The weeks fly by and another story is hatched. I find it amusing how my shorts are influenced by childhood memories or events in my life. The process of creating these vignettes on a weekly basis are so stimulating and show me that writing is what I should be doing. Enjoy!

Bucket List

 We left Santa Rosa, New Mexico, heading west on Route 66. I hit the  CD track to play our ritual song; marking the start of another day on  the road. We sang along belting out the final line, ‘Get your kicks on  Route 66’.

 Retired and carefree, this trip was on our Bucket List. We started in  Chicago, making many stops along the way and were getting closer  to Los Angeles, California.

 I stared at the semi-arid landscape lost in thought. My Route 66  obsession began at age twelve when the television show aired. It was  more a teenage obsession with George Maharis during his time spent  on the show.

 I looked sideways at my partner. Always attracted to dark-haired  brooding men, my husband was no exception. He wasn’t Hollywood  handsome but he was my George Maharis.

 He glanced at me. “What?”

 I giggled. “Love ya, honey.”


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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Here we are again! Writerly Wednesday! Hope you enjoy!


She stared at the man opposite her, knowing that no matter how carefully she chose her next words, it wouldn’t matter. She was hurting him. It would take him awhile to get over it. They couldn’t remain friends; his expectations would overshadow that possibility. Maybe someday; maybe never.
He was a good man and she had the utmost respect for him but she couldn’t live a lie.
The look in his eyes and the slump of his body told her he knew. After three years, he could read her well. After college, he’d gone into business with his father. She worked at the hospital as a nurse.
He loved his life. She wanted more. She was heading to Africa to work on the Mercy Charity Hospital Ship. Her blood raced with excitement thinking about it.
She held his hand, took a nervous breath and began to talk.
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Wednesday, May 4, 2016


This week I'm going out on a limb with a controversial subject that may not be to the liking of some. It's a challenge to address something like this in 150 words. However, it is more about the unconditional love and support of a mother and the angst a mother can experience even with an adult child. Hope you like it.

A Mother's Love

I stared at the photo. She loved that park. I remember buying pretty dresses in the early years. She refused to wear them. Definitely a tomboy. I came to accept she wasn’t a girlie girl. But who knew?

The teen years aroused my suspicions. Was she a lesbian? She was popular with both boys and girls but never dated, studied hard, won a scholarship to university. I was proud. But this?

She told me a week ago and I’ve been crying for days. Initially, for me. But this is about her ... him. Transgendered. Hormones. Surgery.

I carried my child for nine months, nurtured her, raised her ... him as a single mom. Now the tears are for him and what he’ll face.

I heard the door open. I stood. “Mom?” He entered the room and into my outstretched arms.

“You’re still mine,” I said.

Together, we cried.  


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