Sunday, February 3, 2013


How Do I Decide? Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing (A Field Guide for Authors)

Rachelle Gardner is an agent with Books and Such Literary

Agency, representing both fiction and non-fiction.

I have followed her blog for a long time. I find her posts informative, honest, and extremely helpful as a newly published author. 

Rachelle has written four books to help authors on their publishing quest. Recently, the first book was released as an e-book. She formed a marketing team (which I have the honour of being included in) to help spread the word about her books.  

As an author who followed the traditional route and found a publisher for my first novel, I recently found myself considering the self-publishing platform for my second project. Rachelle's first book, ``How do I decide (A Field Guide for Authors) provides a clear, concise view into traditional vs. self-publishing and it has helped me make my decision. 

As an agent who works in the traditional field, but is using the self-publishing field herself, I believe she offers up an unbiased view of both sides of the publishing world. Her easy to use charts, where the reader answers posed questions, forces the reader to look into themselves. Based on the readers answers, Rachelle then offers her opinion as to whether they may be suited best to self-publish or go the traditional route in publishing. Any writer, published or unpublished will find this book helpful whether in making a choice as to which direction to take or to reinforce the decision you may have already made.

The book is short, concise and comes with my recommendation.

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