Sunday, May 27, 2012


Hmm...I wrote a post last year regarding action and how if you get writer's block keep moving forward. There are other options like research, creating business cards and book markers, reading for idea stimulation, etc., etc.. I thought it was an informative and helpful piece. 

Now here I am. At a stalemate. The past two months of my life have been full of stress and decision making that have had nothing to do with my writing. Writing became non-existant, promoting my exisiting published book has become secondary. I've been facing the exact dilema I offered advice about in my December 18th blog post. 

Just so you agree that I have a right to whine, here's some of what I've been facing. My 90-year-old mother fell and broke her hip. Visits to Vancouver for a coupleof weekends were a necessity. She had surgery and survived. She is back at the care home and a physiotherapist visits her three times per week to increase her walking and strength. Now if I could tap into some of her But it was a very stressful time for the family as I'm sure you would agree.

Our toilet broke and had to be replaced. Then our sewer pipe backed up and we had to replace the whole system. Not only did that stress me personally, it stressed our savings too. I had to cancel a visit from the brother and his wife who are over from England because I couldn't very well send them into the bathroom with a bucket. Then, there was the fact that the water was shut off, so no showers, no washing dishes, laundry, etc. Onto the Greyhound bus I went to Vancouver to visit them at my sister's while hubby stayed home and dealt with holes in the ground and new pipes. Fortunately, we got it all together and my brother and wife were able to come up here last weekend for a few days. 

Onto my job. I went full-time at my job as an Admin. Asst in local government. My choice, yes. But definitely a few adjustments have become necessary to accommodate a full-time job as writing time became scarcer. 

My sister's husband had an emergency quadruple bypass surgery where he left us on two occasions. He's back home now recuperating and my husband's brother had a stroke and lives in Saskatchewan. Plans have been made to get him back to BC and around family. He too is recuperating.

Life has settled down. I feel back in control. Yea.... Here I am with a weekend all to myself. Time to write and do marketing. Not!  I'm tapped out. I can't focus, can't concentrate. Don't want to market, don't want to write, have my book markers and cards already. Research seems like a chore today. keeping with my own advice and staying in the genre. I'm writing this blog post to whine, whine, whine. I think I've done a pretty good job-don't you?

Off to reread my December 18th posting and see if I can motivate myself. For those of you who are writing... keep on keeping on writing.