Wednesday, April 6, 2016


The weeks seem to fly by and here we are, Wednesday again. Just to update you on my other writing endeabours. I'm in the final chapters of Missing Thread, The Georgia Series, Book 3. I expect to finish it and have it sent off to my publisher by mid-April. Yay!

Meanwhile here's my 150 word flash fiction for this week. 


She sat in a field behind my parents house. She’d seen better days but I love that car.  My Dad’s pride and joy, he’d bought her as a fixer-upper She was all that, with no back seat. In those days cars didn’t have seat belts, so for the first couple of weeks, we three sisters sat on little stools, so low to the floor we couldn’t see out the windows. When Dad went around a corner, we were too short to reach the ‘oh shit handles’, and we’d slide off the stools onto the floor in a tangled mass of giggles. Dad would glance over his shoulder and shout: “You girls stop that fooling around.” Like we’d planned the whole thing.

We named her Lady, from the movie, Lady and the Tramp. She may have lost her looks but not her style or her memories.

She was still Lady.

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