Wednesday, September 28, 2016


By The Sea

Kelly closed her computer, packed files into the box on her desk, and leaned back in her chair. She swivelled towards the left of her desk and stared at the full wall mural featured behind a sea green coloured couch. Fern trees flanked the sofa, centered on an oval rug with a cherry wood coffee table.

Her home office was her favourite place to sit and muse the seven months she lived and worked in the city.

The mural reminded her of New England—the sea, fish, waves, sea grasses, and snails.

Tomorrow, she was driving to Old Orchard Beach, Maine to her summer home. Five months of writing, visiting friends, sea food and walking miles along the sandy beach.

Kelly rose and stood in front of the mural. She smiled.

Thanks for keeping me sane until I return to my happy place by the sea.


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Wednesday, September 21, 2016



The manager led me around the office floor I’d work on should they hire me.

“We love open floor plans with glass walls. Less claustophic for our employees, and the glass reflects natural light. Small areas look  bigger.”

As she prattled on about advantages of glass offices, I sorted my thoughts.

The glass separating the desks reminded me of a prison where visitors and inmates talk through glass. The managers’ glass offices afforded them a clear view to study their monkeys every move. Or a hospital ICU where rooms with glass walls are built around  nurses’ stations so they can observe patients. No plants, no pictures, cold and all business. No privacy; everyone can watch you leave to go to the bathroom.

“Thank you so much for considering me for the position but I don’t think this company and I are a good fit.

Walking away, I shuddered.

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