Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I can't believe it's Writerly Wednesday again. The week flew by so fast. Hope you all had a happy and safe Easter weekend, shared with family and friends and lots of good food.

This weeks picture was difficult for me, but once an idea popped into my head, the story wrote itself. Hope you enjoy it.


            Our two-year-old Chrissy found the rabbit hidden under her bed that Sunday morning. She’d held it up and giggled excitedly. “Bunny, Mommy.” 
            Has a year really passed since last Easter?
            I held the rabbit tight; flooded with memories rendering my heart heavy. We’d lost her two days later to a drunk driver who hit our car. Someone found the rabbit on the road and gave it to the police. I buried my face in Bunny’s fur and cried.
            Bunny went into the box with Chrissy’s things for my husband to store in the attic.
             My eyes scanned the redecorated room and the bassinet in the corner. My hands moved to my blossoming abdomen. This baby could never replace Chrissy but a new life could help us cope with the loss of another.
            I smiled. One day, I’ll give her Bunny and tell her of the sister she’ll never know.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Today is Writerly Wednesday. Here's my flash fiction picture prompt story. This was a hard one to write because 150 word maximum is not much to express the whole story this picture pulled from me. But I did my best. Hope you enjoy it.

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            People thought we were the perfect family—Mom, Dad, Chase and me. But as childhoods go, ours wasn’t Disneyland.
            It became apparent my brother had problems. Testing proved he was borderline autistic. Mother felt ashamed. Father loathed him. Chase was sent to a facility in the city. One day in his teens, he walked away and disappeared.
            I moved to the city after graduation. For two years, I searched the streets for Chase. One morning I passed a young man sitting on the sidewalk. I couldn’t see his face but something drew me closer.
            He looked up; goose bumps ran down my spine. I kneeled down and stared into his eyes. “It’s me, your sister.”
            Chase smiled. “Chelsea, Chelsea.”
            With teary eyes I held out my hand. “Would you like to come with me?”  He nodded yes and I vowed he would never sleep on the street again.


Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Writerly Wednesday, my flash fiction picture prompt:

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Retro Future
            If the walls could talk, what stories they’d tell of my childhood summers here with my grandparents. I inherited the old house which sat empty for years. I’d left the area many years ago for the excitement of the city. It made no sense to people why I’d held onto it.
            Now I’m back as a single mother, happy to return to my roots. I turned to look at the lake across the road and envisioned times swimming and fishing with Gramps.
            My eyes searched the dirt road leading to the house. The tell-tale signs of rising dust signalled the contractors’ approach; although I couldn’t hear their engines. I smiled with excitement and tapped the plastic tube under my arm that held the blueprint renovations. I squeezed the front door key in my hand—the key to open the door to my future and my daughter’s.
            I’m home. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Weekly Wednesday Flash Fiction - The Rings

Today is Writerly Wednesday. Here's my flash fiction story for this week.

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The Rings

            The rings had a story of their own. A lifetime of stories—full of promise, expectations, family. Good times and bad. And death.
            She picked them up and studied each ring. They’d worn well over the years; no loose diamonds or breaks in the band. Forty years and it seems like yesterday we were driving to California in our old Volkswagen van for a honeymoon.
            When he died, she didn’t think she’d make it. But here she was five years later. She sighed, kissed the rings and placed them back in the jewelry box.
            She looked at her reflection in the mirror, remembering his last words. I’m the one dying, not you. Promise me you’ll keep on living and find happiness again.
            Her eyes slid to her hand and the new ring covering the indentation the old ones burrowed into her skin over the years.

            She smiled.