Friday, January 4, 2013


A new day, a new month, a new year.

Just checking in to wish all my readers a happy and prosperous new year.

My 2013 has started at a low point, so it can only get better LOL.  First off, we had a great Christmas Day at my sister's house in Vancouver area. My mom came from the care home and my sisters and family celebrated our get together, one we haven't had for a few years. We are so grateful to have had this day with Mom who was having a 'good' day. We will cherish the memory.

Then came the accident. As the household headed to bed, my husband turned at the top of a steep stairway to say his goodnights, and facing back to the stairs, took a step out into mid-air, missing the top step. Fourteen stairs later, he found himself at the bottom lying on a tiled floor. Three broken ribs in his back and a  punctured lung had him in the hospital for the rest of the holidays. My 'me time' to be spent finishing my sequel to "Winter's Captive" grew wings and flew away. My days were filled with hospital visits. But I am so grateful it wasn't worse.

The initial prognosis was that he would require surgery to repair his broken ribs and a tube in his lung, but he fooled everyone and started to heal on his own. New Year's Eve found me by his bedside watching  Mr. Bean. A quiet and light-hearted evening, although it hurt him to laugh.

We arrived home to find our sewer had froze. Our water pipes into the house are heated so no worries there. So while hubby laid in bed feeling useless, I dug out the snow, removed the skirting, and crawled under the house to place a heater under the house to thaw the pipe. I trudged out a few times to adjust the heat temp as the breaker kept blowing. Then realized I needed to use a different outlet.

By this time, my jeans were snow-covered and frozen solid. I felt like Georgia Charles, my heroine in Winter's Captive. I sucked it up and stopped whining. The pipe finally thawed and all is well in our home.

When accidents like this happen at this stage of our lives and at our ages, it makes one reflect on just what we are doing, where we are heading, and think that maybe it's time to make the changes we have been talking about for awhile.

So my husband and I are heading into 2013 with a renewed, grateful spirit, determined to make the changes we think are for the best in our lives.

On a personal note, I WILL finish the sequel and get it published. Time to put some thought into novel number three.

To everyone out there, make 2013 your year to do the things you want to do and if you write, keep on keeping on writing.