Sunday, October 20, 2013


Short and sweet blog post today. I had to share this with all of you. I just wish when I'm 88 years old, I can move my hips like she does.  You have to watch and listen right to the end and hear what she says to truly appreciate this ladies personality.  Enjoy! Made my Sunday.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I love the fall. Looking out my office window with coffee in hand, the various shades of leaves from green to yellow, orange, and red set against the surrounding dark green mountains is breathtaking. The warmth and coziness inside my cocoon masks the cool air outside. Today will be a beautiful sunny, day.

What a great way to start this day. The quietness and tranquility totally inspire my creative spirit and is much needed after a stressful week, albeit positive stress, but non-the-less a crazy, full-impact experience.

After fifteen months on the market, we accepted an offer on our home. We are pleased that the couple that want our place are suited to it. Life is so strange and co-incidental. They are both an artist and a writer, just like my husband and myself. Very down-to-earth, they will settle into life in this beautiful little valley with ease. And like us when we first moved here, they have family here. We won't be leaving anytime too soon as the deal is subject to them selling their house, which probably won't happen when the snow starts to fly.

Unbelievably, another party wants our place as well. So much so, that they are waiting to make sure our deal goes through. He, also, is well suited here.

On top of this, we are agents for my sister's house which is rented out at the moment. We showed her house three times last week.

What's our future plan? To downsize, relocate to Vancouver Island where most of our family are, and live in a 33' Silverback Fifth Wheel by the ocean or on the river. Minimal housework, no yard work, and lots of time to write all those books bumping into each other inside my head.

I am also Chair of a committee putting on a fundraiser and talent show on November 8th to raise money for Variety - the Children's Charity in Vancouver. We are holding it at our Memorial Hall here in Clinton as a way for residents to give back for services they have been provided with over the years when their kids on occasion were ill and stayed in Children's Hospital in Vancouver. We are in the throes of rehearsals, gathering donations for a silent and live auction, and handling advertising. Truly an enjoyment, but a worry that all will go according to plan. The students are rehearsing for performances and we are working with them as well. I love to see the kids enthusiasm. Opportunities for them to explore their creative side is limited in our little village.

Meanwhile, I had a breakthough with my sequel and am busy plotting and creating. I expect to finish before Christmas.

We just celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada and I feel truly grateful to be in a safe and happy space in my life. I wish the same to all of you.

Until next time, all you writer's out there, "Keep on Keeping on Writing!"