Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Weekly Wednesday Flash Fiction - The Rings

Today is Writerly Wednesday. Here's my flash fiction story for this week.

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The Rings

            The rings had a story of their own. A lifetime of stories—full of promise, expectations, family. Good times and bad. And death.
            She picked them up and studied each ring. They’d worn well over the years; no loose diamonds or breaks in the band. Forty years and it seems like yesterday we were driving to California in our old Volkswagen van for a honeymoon.
            When he died, she didn’t think she’d make it. But here she was five years later. She sighed, kissed the rings and placed them back in the jewelry box.
            She looked at her reflection in the mirror, remembering his last words. I’m the one dying, not you. Promise me you’ll keep on living and find happiness again.
            Her eyes slid to her hand and the new ring covering the indentation the old ones burrowed into her skin over the years.

            She smiled.

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