Thursday, October 16, 2014


Good Morning everyone.

Today, I'm departing from talking about me and marketing my newly released, Winter's Captive (subtle? LOL) to present a different kind of project and a unique author/artist, Dennis Bourgo.

I'm excited to present his debut art book, Watercolour Thoughts, Musings in Word and Paint, Book 1.

Watercolour Thoughts presents a reflection of personal musings and a gallery of watercolours representing the distinct landscape of British Columbia and the artist's love of nature and the natural beauty of his home province.

This is the first book in an art series that showcases the artist's eclectic painting styles.

Visit the artists Facebook page HERE

Available on Amazon HERE

I'm sure some of you have noted the shared last name. Dennis Bourgo is my husband. A dedicated artist, who has been painting since the age of five, when the family doctor sent him to art school for six years, I'm very proud to see this book finally published, so that others can experience the depth and beauty of his talent.

To all the writers out there, keep on keeping on writing and to all the painters, keep on keeping on painting. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014


I'm so excited to release the new BOOK TRAILER for WINTER'S CAPTIVE, Book 1 of the Georgia Series.

Hope you all enjoy it.

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Friday, October 10, 2014


Happy Friday, everyone.

Here we are on the eve of our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and I believe it's a holiday weekend in the States as well. I thought I would leave you with an excerpt of Winter's Captive to introduce the story to you, just in case anyone is looking for a good read over the holiday.


     Bobby and Gary were yelling at each other, probably about me. I knew it would be Gary who would come. And if he caught me, I wouldn’t make it back with him.

     Pounding feet sounded behind me. I glanced over my shoulder, almost tripping, but saw no one. My lungs gasped for air. Gary gained ground, the sounds of his obscenities getting closer. Get off the trail, now. My eyes searched for a place to hide. The pathway rose up a small incline. I flew over the top and down the other side, where the path veered off to the right. To the left, an old game trail barely visible meandered through the trees.

     I slowed and glanced around me. The near darkness provided deep shadows in the trees. A tangle of fallen trees and branches on my left looked like a good spot to hide in. Branches scratched my face and caught in my hair as I pulled myself over the decaying trunks. I tumbled face first into a hollow under a log, filling my mouth with dirt and leaves. The smell of musty, rotting debris turned my stomach.

Winter's Captive is available in paperback and e-book format. Here the links:

Wishing everyone a great holiday weekend!

Monday, October 6, 2014

WINTER'S CAPTIVE, Book 1 of the Gerogia Series - NOW RELEASED!

On Friday, October 3rd, my book was released through Fountain Blue Publishing of Los Angeles. I held my first ever Release Party, and it was a success. Lots of people came and prizes were handed out. It was a little exhausting, moving back and forth between additional added posts to make sure I didn't miss any comments left by my guests. But I enjoyed the process immensely.

I'd like to thank all my guests for coming. I hope I didn't miss acknowledging anyone.  Know that I will reciprocate-just ask.

A little about the second release of Winter's Captive. My new editor and I had an extensive chat about Book 1, once he provided me with a Creative Edit Report. Because the story for all books in the series takes place in part in the north western area of British Columbia, which is Tahltan Indigenous Lands, we chose to change the character of Kaela, the angel to Kaela the native spirit, and her indeginous name Nonnock. It made sense since their is more native spirituality in Chasing Georgia, Book 2, to be released soon.

I added about 10,000 more words to the story, which includes more angst for Georgia at the cabin and more history of the Tahltan people.

I'm very excited at the re-release of this book and hope you all enjoy the new book.

Here are the links for purchasing in paperback or e-book format:

To all my writer friends, never give up the dream, keep on keeping on writing.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Hi Everyone,

The date to remember is Friday, October 3rd, 2014, 4:00 pm PST/7:00 pm EST. Join my online Wine and Cheese Release Party Event on Facebook to celebrate my book release.

Fun, chatting, prizes, and any questions you'd like to ask me are in store for those of you who would like to join me and my friends and fellow authors. Follow the link below and be sure to click JOIN.

See you all there.

Click HERE for the link to my FB Author Page, find the post for the above event and click on the photo. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014


UPDATE - I am so please and excited to announce that Winter's Captive is now available for presales on and on Smashwords at a reduced price for a limited time only. Follow the links below to preorder now. 

I believe my release date will be October 3rd. I will update you all as soon as my Publisher confirms it. 


     Crack! The axe hit a knot and slipped off the wood, knocking me off balance and hitting the side of my ankle. “Ow ...” I yelled and fell to the ground. “Oh, shit ... that hurts. I rocked back and forth in pain as blood poured from the gash. Pulling myself up, I hobbled into the cabin and grabbed a towel and the first aid kit. I applied pressure to the wound. With not much flesh in that area, the gash was open to the bone and ran about five inches long. My worst fear had just become reality.

I would really appreciate it if you could leave an 'honest' review after reading the book on the site you purchase it from. 

Thank you to everyone who have helped me on my writing journey. It could never happen without my team of supporters and my readers.  



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To all my writer friends - Keep on keeping on writing

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hi everyone!  Winter's Captive, Book 1 of the Georgia Series is now available for a limited time only at a reduced presale price on my publisher's web site. 

Release date is soon. I will repost when I have the exact date. 

If you enjoy suspense, adventure, and women's empowerment stories, this one is for you. Georgia Charles is a survivor and a heroine. And the world needs heroes. 

Here's a sample preview:

     I slowed and glanced around me.  The near darkness provided deep shadows in the trees.  A tangle of fallen trees and branches on my left looked like a good spot to hide in.   Branches scratched my face and caught in my hair as I pulled myself over the decaying trunks.  I tumbled face first into a hollow under a log, filling my mouth with dirt and leaves.   The smell of musty, rotting debris turned my stomach.

    Gary charged over the top of the incline and came to a dead stop.  Damn.  I hoped he would miss the game trail and keep going. 

To order an autographed presale copy visit my publisher, Fountain Blue Publishing HERE.

To my fellow writer's, I did it, so can you!

Keeping on keeping on writing!