Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Brae Lynne's 'Little Book of Dogs' is now LIVE!

A non-fiction book about Brae's favourite dog breeds, this interactive book is available as an e-book and a paperback. This release is the first book for this young author who has recently turned ten years old.

She intends on donating a portion of her sales to an animal shelter in her home town and I'm asking you all to support this young writer and her cause.

Here are the links to her book:

US Kindle

US Paperback

Canada Kindle

Canada Paperback

Smashwords E-Book - all formats

Barnes & Noble

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Thursday, June 5, 2014


I'm so excited to let you all know that my nine-year-old granddaughter has written her first book. She chose a few of her favourite dog breeds and wrote about each one, including her own family dog, and a few of friends. 

I'm not surprised that she put in the time to pull this 'Little Book of Dogs' together. This is a child who read all seven Harry Potter books by the end of Grade 2. Two months ago, she asked me if I would help her to publish her book. I decided the best route would be to self-publish it. She is donating a portion of the sale proceeds to a dog shelter in her hometown. 

I began the process of designing and editing her book, but ran into problems with the formatting part of it for uploading. My friend, fellow author, and my book cover designer, Patti Roberts of Paradox Book Cover Designs, donated a cover to the book. 

As I have begun working with my editor on rewrites for Book 1 of the Georgia Series, my time is becoming limited. Patti offered to format and upload Brae's book for me at a discounted price. She is a very creative designer and an awesome lady, who wishes to support a young, first-time author. She, also, wishes to support Brae because she's donating a portion of sales to the care of animals. I can't sing my praises of this woman enough.

I will let you all know when the book is live. Here is the book:

Meanwhile, if a nine-year-old can do it, keep on keeping the dream and keep on keeping on writing.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014


I'm so pleased and excited to announce that Fountain Blue Publishing of California has picked up Winter's Captive, Book 1 and Chasing Georgia, Book 2 of The Georgia Series.

Winter's Captive will be republished with a new cover and will be followed by Chasing Georgia.

So who are Fountain Blue Publishing

At Fountain Blue Publishing, we do not accept every book that is submitted. We are not a vanity press, we are a publishing company that strives to provide excellent customer service to our authors. We take the time and the care to work with our authors through the process of publishing their best book possible.

You can read more about this publisher and what they offer HERE on their website.

I look forward to working with Melanie, Kim, and all the staff at Fountain Blue. I will let you all know when these books will be released once I have a publishing schedule.

For all of you unpublished authors out there, and those who are stumbling, never give up on your dream and remember to keep on keeping on writing.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


A short post to share my excitement at just surpassing the 10,000th visit to my blog site. The support of readers and well-wishers has been amazing and it's been quite a journey for me. When I started this site my hopes and wishes were to become a published novelist. I have reached that goal, but I still have aspirations to gain through my writing. 

To celebrate, I am giving away a copy of "Winter's Captive". If you wish to enter the contest, which is open until Monday, April 21, Noon, please click HERE. This will take you to my Facebook author page where you can private email me. Don't forget to like my page. 

Many thanks to all my readers and supporters, which means so much. Baby, it's just the beginning.

And I will...keep on keeping on writing!

Monday, April 14, 2014


A short post today to pass on some consumer information on a product I believe is a great tool for authors.

Do you jot down notes on pieces of paper in your purse, or in a notebook you carry with you when out and about? Do you prefer to hand write your stories, rather than use a computer? Do you wake up at night with a great idea and wish you had a pen and paper on your bedside table to write it down before you forget.

Then, this product is for you.

I've been meaning to bring this to the attention of fellow writers for awhile. However, my overworked creative mind kept forgetting. This tool for writers is revolutionary.

The product is called the LIVESCRIBE SMARTPEN. The pen contains a chip that saves the text you hand write. You can download the text into your word program and your story is transcribed instantly. That sudden flash of genius you woke up with when jolted awake? Keep the pen on your bedside table and you can use the audio chip in the pen to record your musings. In the morning, transcribe your audio into your computer file and save.

It's so simple and it works. There may be other products in the marketplace. However, this particular one has a great reputation and I've heard good things about it.

Here's the link to Amazon, listing a number of different models and prices. Click HERE.

Just wanted to pass this on to my fellow writers out there. So for those who think it will help them with their writing endeavours, get yourself one and remember ... keep on keeping on writing!

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Monday, March 17, 2014


As you can see, I have a new banner at the top of my blog site. I now have a new cover for Winter's Captive, Book 1 of the Georgia Series. And a new cover for Chasing Georgia, Book 2 of the Georgia Series.

I am in a transition at the moment. It is with some sadness that my publisher and I have parted and I now have the rights back for Winter's Captive. Asteroid Publishing gave me the opportunity as a first time author to be published and for that, I will be forever grateful. They taught me a lot the past two years about writing, publishing, and marketing. They are headed in a new direction that I have decided is not for me. I have the utmost respect for Asteroid and wish them every success with their future endeavours.

So where am I headed? As mentioned in a previous post, new decisions need to be made. To self-publish or seek a new publisher? Currently, a publisher is considering Chasing Georgia, Book 2 and we are in the process of talks and edits. They are aware that I have my rights back to Book 1 and as I write this post, it is under consideration as to whether or not they will pick it up along with Book 2. Should they decide not to republish Winter's Captive, I will then self-publish it and move forward with Book 2.

Winter's Captive e-book has come down as of today and shortly, the paperback version will be down as well. I do have copies with the old cover and those are still available for purchase through myself or Asteroid Publishing for a limited time period or until existing stock has been sold.

Meanwhile, check out my new covers. They were done by Paradox Book Cover Designs. Patti Roberts is an author in her own right and a wonderful cover designer. I had so much fun working with her on the new designs. She is absolutely awesome and works so quickly. She pays attention to detail and captured the ideas from my samples I sent her. And believe me, my samples cannot compare to the final product she produced. The covers are amazing and way beyond my expectations. If you need a cover here is the LINK to contact her. She also has some premade covers on display on her site for purchase.

I will keep you up-to-date as to when Winter's Captive will be back up and when Chasing Georgia will be published. Closing out my post today with my two new covers which I just love.

Meanwhile keep on keeping on writing.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Half-way through February and I'm filled with great anticipation. For WHAT you ask? Is there a plural for WHAT?

I have great expectations for this year in so many aspects of my life and the lives of those around me.

First on the list is the selling of our home. With a deal on the table, we are just waiting for the buyers to sell their home. I guess this one is a hurry up and wait scenario, as the only control we have over this is to develop and exercise our skill of patience. So I keep myself busy by cleaning out and discarding unneeded and unnecessary items; clothing, books, etc. It's surprising what you accumulate over time isn't it? When I first moved into this home, I had ample storage space, with lots to spare once settled. Now? Huh. Cupboards are full, things stored under the bed, and a shed full of ...you get the picture. 

It feels good to start a clearing out process. Well...for me anyway. I'm not a hoarder and downsizing is easy for me. My husband? I wouldn't call him a hoarder but he definitely puts a value on something that may have a future use. My motto is if you aren't using it now...get rid of it. He knows I'm ruthless and also knows since we are planning to live in a 37.5 foot fifth wheel for a while, it all goes. No high monthly storage rates in our future. So he's leaving it to me and trusting my instincts. Of course there are things we would  keep, like sentimental family items, pictures, childhood items, and so on. But with ample storage under the fifth wheel, we should be able to store all we are keeping. Keep in mind, we do not intend on travelling with the fifth wheel. The cost would be too much. We are moving to Vancouver Island to be closer to family and will find a park on the ocean to settle down at. If at any time, we decide to move into a regular home or apartment, it will be fun to shop for new furniture.

Moving on (pun intended), there's my writing life. My sequel, Chasing Georgia, Book 2 in the Georgia Series is complete, edited, with rewrites and edits finished. Decision time is near. Should I self-publish or seek a publisher? My current publisher, who is near and dear to my heart, has moved to e-book publishing only. I'm not sure that's the direction I wish to move to. I have a lot of readers who prefer paperbacks. I'm working on all of my options and will keep you up-to-date when I decide. As to what is next? When I wrote the first book, Winter's Captive, my vision did not include a sequel. I envisioned it as a one up. At the end of writing the manuscript, a sequel gelled in my mind. Now completed, we have, Chasing Georgia. Is there a Book 3? My mind is working overtime on that, another decision to be made.

My writer friends are working  on their books and I anticipate great things for them all this year. These ladies have been a part of my writing life since I first started. We critiqued and supported each other through our journey to publishing. I consider them friends.

 H.H. Laura, USA published, Larkspur, and is working on Book 2 and 3. Click HERE.

Patricia Puddle, Australia wrote children's books and now is writing paranormal YA/Adult books, click HERE.

Irene Kueh, USA writes children's books, click HERE.

Jayde Scott, England writes paranormal, and other genres, click HERE.

Chrissy Peebles, USA writes paranormal/fantasy, and is our poster child as a self-published e-book author, moving into paperbacks, she has a very successful writing career, click HERE

And click HERE for mine for "Winter's Captive", 

 Today, our arctic front broke and the temperature rose to 5c...Yay! Dennis and I drove to Leighwood Lake and hiked Kelly Lake Road under a big blue sky, bright sun, birds singing, snow melting, and dry, bare roads. It was so warm, I took off my winter jacket. When we returned, we sat in our fifth wheel and had coffee, deciding where things would be placed on board our future home.

Perhaps my anticipation was precipitated by the promise of spring.

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Meanwhile, keep on keeping on writing!