Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Half-way through February and I'm filled with great anticipation. For WHAT you ask? Is there a plural for WHAT?

I have great expectations for this year in so many aspects of my life and the lives of those around me.

First on the list is the selling of our home. With a deal on the table, we are just waiting for the buyers to sell their home. I guess this one is a hurry up and wait scenario, as the only control we have over this is to develop and exercise our skill of patience. So I keep myself busy by cleaning out and discarding unneeded and unnecessary items; clothing, books, etc. It's surprising what you accumulate over time isn't it? When I first moved into this home, I had ample storage space, with lots to spare once settled. Now? Huh. Cupboards are full, things stored under the bed, and a shed full of get the picture. 

It feels good to start a clearing out process. Well...for me anyway. I'm not a hoarder and downsizing is easy for me. My husband? I wouldn't call him a hoarder but he definitely puts a value on something that may have a future use. My motto is if you aren't using it now...get rid of it. He knows I'm ruthless and also knows since we are planning to live in a 37.5 foot fifth wheel for a while, it all goes. No high monthly storage rates in our future. So he's leaving it to me and trusting my instincts. Of course there are things we would  keep, like sentimental family items, pictures, childhood items, and so on. But with ample storage under the fifth wheel, we should be able to store all we are keeping. Keep in mind, we do not intend on travelling with the fifth wheel. The cost would be too much. We are moving to Vancouver Island to be closer to family and will find a park on the ocean to settle down at. If at any time, we decide to move into a regular home or apartment, it will be fun to shop for new furniture.

Moving on (pun intended), there's my writing life. My sequel, Chasing Georgia, Book 2 in the Georgia Series is complete, edited, with rewrites and edits finished. Decision time is near. Should I self-publish or seek a publisher? My current publisher, who is near and dear to my heart, has moved to e-book publishing only. I'm not sure that's the direction I wish to move to. I have a lot of readers who prefer paperbacks. I'm working on all of my options and will keep you up-to-date when I decide. As to what is next? When I wrote the first book, Winter's Captive, my vision did not include a sequel. I envisioned it as a one up. At the end of writing the manuscript, a sequel gelled in my mind. Now completed, we have, Chasing Georgia. Is there a Book 3? My mind is working overtime on that, another decision to be made.

My writer friends are working  on their books and I anticipate great things for them all this year. These ladies have been a part of my writing life since I first started. We critiqued and supported each other through our journey to publishing. I consider them friends.

 H.H. Laura, USA published, Larkspur, and is working on Book 2 and 3. Click HERE.

Patricia Puddle, Australia wrote children's books and now is writing paranormal YA/Adult books, click HERE.

Irene Kueh, USA writes children's books, click HERE.

Jayde Scott, England writes paranormal, and other genres, click HERE.

Chrissy Peebles, USA writes paranormal/fantasy, and is our poster child as a self-published e-book author, moving into paperbacks, she has a very successful writing career, click HERE

And click HERE for mine for "Winter's Captive", 

 Today, our arctic front broke and the temperature rose to 5c...Yay! Dennis and I drove to Leighwood Lake and hiked Kelly Lake Road under a big blue sky, bright sun, birds singing, snow melting, and dry, bare roads. It was so warm, I took off my winter jacket. When we returned, we sat in our fifth wheel and had coffee, deciding where things would be placed on board our future home.

Perhaps my anticipation was precipitated by the promise of spring.

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Meanwhile, keep on keeping on writing!