Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Writerly Wednesday, my flash fiction picture prompt:

Flash fiction prompt provided by

Retro Future
            If the walls could talk, what stories they’d tell of my childhood summers here with my grandparents. I inherited the old house which sat empty for years. I’d left the area many years ago for the excitement of the city. It made no sense to people why I’d held onto it.
            Now I’m back as a single mother, happy to return to my roots. I turned to look at the lake across the road and envisioned times swimming and fishing with Gramps.
            My eyes searched the dirt road leading to the house. The tell-tale signs of rising dust signalled the contractors’ approach; although I couldn’t hear their engines. I smiled with excitement and tapped the plastic tube under my arm that held the blueprint renovations. I squeezed the front door key in my hand—the key to open the door to my future and my daughter’s.
            I’m home. 

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