Tuesday, July 9, 2013


It's been a few months since I posted. Just thought I would say hello and give you an update on my author status. I'm still writing and selling. Life has been busy...too busy.

I have two big news items to share with you.

First, my ebook for "Winter's Captive" is FREE for the month of July, 2013. That's right. So get your copy by clicking HERE. Follow the instructions for purchasing a copy and use the following code SW100 in the Coupon Box. Please leave some feedback.

Secondly, I'm retiring from my job in local government in two weeks. I will truly miss the work and the people I work with but it's time for me to do for me.  All the advice for retirees say the same thing. Have a hobby or part-time work lined up when you retire or you will go crazy with boredom.

Well I have no fears in that department. My time will be spent WRITING, WRITING, WRITING. So excited to reach this stage in my life where I can dedicate my free time to something I love to do. Empowerment! Just like Georgia, my protagonist.

Don't forget to download my free ebook. If you don't have an e-reader you can download Kindle for PC - free software for your computer or laptop. Then you can download a .pdf copy right onto your desktop.

So get ready to hear from me more often and get reading

For you writer's out there, Keep on Keeping on Writing!