Tuesday, December 18, 2012


It's been awhile since I posted and my first thoughts were to sum up my year like I did last year.However, it seems to me a little self-centered to focus on me in  light of the horrific events in Newtown, Connecticut. And it is hard to be in the spirit of Christmas without feeling guilt.

Living in a small village, I can imagine how hard this season will be for the residents of Newtown. Even those parents whose children survived, know the parents whose children did not. The children who survived have lost classmates and close friends. Some have lost relatives and neighbors. How do they act as if all is normal and celebrate the holiday season?

News stations, TV talk shows, radio talk shows, e-news, newspapers..everyone is talking about Newtown. Conversations about the incident quickly turn into debates for gun control and more stringent security, with talks of arming teachers (a thought that truly frightens me).

As a writer, I have always tried to stay apolitical and avoid taking a strong stand on the side of anything. My choice has always been to side-step controversy. I have never been a good debater, unable to push my voice forward and command the audience's attention. Today, I make an exception. Here on my blog I'm the speaker with no one to challenge me or out yell me. So I'm taking a stand.

I don't blame lack of gun control for what is becoming too common a tragedy. Gun registration keeps the honest people honest. The bad guys aren't going to register their guns and they don't buy them at a gun shop. If someone wants a gun for a bad deed they know where to get them underground. I also don't believe arming teachers is going to solve anything. First of all I can't see the average teacher wanting a gun, and unless they are outfitted with semi-automatic weapons, their hand guns will just be pea shooters in comparison. Teachers are a caring, supportive breed of human beings whose mission is about helping our children become better adults through education, social interaction, and mutual respect. For most teachers,  this fundamental core of their nature would deter them from wanting to carry a gun, let alone shoot to kill...and shoot to kill they must if taking on a dysfunctional shooter determined to kill them.

The issue is a social one, full of complexities such our lack of support for victims of mental health; our obsession with the "American" dream; we're losers if we don't have enough money, aren't pretty or handsome enough, aren't famous, aren't educated enough, or don't have enough "toys". What's wrong with being a good person, who lives by the golden rule and treats those as they would like to be treated. There's a lot more satisfaction in being the best human being you can be as opposed to accumulating "things".

My thoughts are full of compassion and healing energy for the people of Newtown, Connecticut.

Just sayin...