Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Writerly Wednesday Flash Fiction Picture Prompt

Mrs. Chicken

After two nasty roosters, attacking anyone in site, ended up in a stew, badgers killed the chicks, no matter what we tried to protect them. A neighbour’s dog killed the hens save one.

One day, I looked out back and saw Mrs. Chicken racing around the side of the house, dog right behind. I grabbed my husband’s air pistol that resembled a forty-five revolver and ran to the front of the house, yanked the door open, jumped into the stance with gun aimed, my eyes scanning the right of the front yard. Nothing. I swung my body to the left, still in shooting stance, gun aimed and ready.

There stood a customer for our home-based business, flattened against his car in fear.

After explaining the situation minus one hen or dog to prove it out, he shook his head and laughed.

“You sure have an aggressive sales technique.” 


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It's Over...but is it?

My final word on the US Election for what it's worth. This isn't about whether Republicans won or Democrats won. This isn't about whether Hillary won or Donald won. And it isn't about that the people have spoken either. Because Hillary won the popular vote, and the archaic Electoral College vote is what put Donald in as President. What this is really about is that a country is divided in half. Families have been pitted against each other, friends have lost friends and those relationships will not heal themselves today and go back to normal because the election is over. This is about a campaign that ran on fear and fear won out. There are good people on both sides of this division, but fear brings out the worst in people. This derisive division between our US neighbours has fanned the flames of this fear with bigotry, violence and a lack of respect for their democratic right for their individual beliefs. This fear isn't going to end because the election is over, nor is the split. I wish the people of the US unity and healing however idealistic that may sound.

What this is really about is Humanity. And Humanity took a bad hit. And this saddens me and my belief in people.

I'm glad right now that I live on an Island surrounded by oceans, mountains and trees where mother nature can nuture me. I plan on hibernating for awhile to rejuvenate.