Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Writerly Wednesday Flash Fiction Picture Prompt - Born to Sing

Happy Wednesday to you all. I missed last week, but here I am again sharing my piece. For those of you who would like an ebook of the first ten stories I wrote, I have a book on Amazon, Nook, and Kobo for FREE. I put these stories together as an offering to readers who don't follow my blog to introduce my writing style, and perhaps want to purchase my novels. So if you have friends or family that you think would enjoy my short ditties, by all means download the book. It is free on if you are in the US. Other sites will follow suit soon. And it's free on Nook and Kobo. Here's the link for Amazon.

Hope you enjoy today's story.

Born to Sing

The stage grip handed her the microphone. She stood in the wings listening to the host, paralyzed with fear, her hands sweaty. Hope I don’t drop the mic.

The M.C. was talking about her but she didn’t hear the words. Why am I doing this?

She heard her name and forced her legs to move. Her eyes scanned the audience. Omigod ... so many people.

The piano man played the intro. Panic engulfed her. This isn’t my song. She turned and he mouthed ‘sorry’. The horn player blew a ditty, turning it over to the piano man who began again.
She stared into the spotlight above the audience, waiting for her cue. She lost herself into the melody and the passion of the jazz piece.

When it was over, she bowed to a standing ovation.

Of course I want to do this. I was born to sing.

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