Wednesday, June 8, 2016



Callee grew up admiring her larger-than-life neighbour to the south. She loves sophisticated New York City, the easy lifestyle of San Francisco, Waikiki, the Eagles, Bob Dillon, and Joan Baez.  A prideful people who believed in the land of the free.

But now? She was glad she lived north of their border and not south, where one candidate refers to Mexicans as drug smugglers, rapists, bad people, but some, presumably, are good. Callee watched her grandchildren playing, feeling grateful she didn’t have to explain his words to them.

Her heart went out to her US neighbours who face a tough decision come November; vote to support their party or vote strategically to keep an egotist from power he will assuredly abuse.

The election is the best reality television game show on air. The American people are hostage to a national bridge tournament. 

I hope they won’t be Trumped.


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