Friday, October 10, 2014


Happy Friday, everyone.

Here we are on the eve of our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and I believe it's a holiday weekend in the States as well. I thought I would leave you with an excerpt of Winter's Captive to introduce the story to you, just in case anyone is looking for a good read over the holiday.


     Bobby and Gary were yelling at each other, probably about me. I knew it would be Gary who would come. And if he caught me, I wouldn’t make it back with him.

     Pounding feet sounded behind me. I glanced over my shoulder, almost tripping, but saw no one. My lungs gasped for air. Gary gained ground, the sounds of his obscenities getting closer. Get off the trail, now. My eyes searched for a place to hide. The pathway rose up a small incline. I flew over the top and down the other side, where the path veered off to the right. To the left, an old game trail barely visible meandered through the trees.

     I slowed and glanced around me. The near darkness provided deep shadows in the trees. A tangle of fallen trees and branches on my left looked like a good spot to hide in. Branches scratched my face and caught in my hair as I pulled myself over the decaying trunks. I tumbled face first into a hollow under a log, filling my mouth with dirt and leaves. The smell of musty, rotting debris turned my stomach.

Winter's Captive is available in paperback and e-book format. Here the links:

Wishing everyone a great holiday weekend!

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