Thursday, October 16, 2014


Good Morning everyone.

Today, I'm departing from talking about me and marketing my newly released, Winter's Captive (subtle? LOL) to present a different kind of project and a unique author/artist, Dennis Bourgo.

I'm excited to present his debut art book, Watercolour Thoughts, Musings in Word and Paint, Book 1.

Watercolour Thoughts presents a reflection of personal musings and a gallery of watercolours representing the distinct landscape of British Columbia and the artist's love of nature and the natural beauty of his home province.

This is the first book in an art series that showcases the artist's eclectic painting styles.

Visit the artists Facebook page HERE

Available on Amazon HERE

I'm sure some of you have noted the shared last name. Dennis Bourgo is my husband. A dedicated artist, who has been painting since the age of five, when the family doctor sent him to art school for six years, I'm very proud to see this book finally published, so that others can experience the depth and beauty of his talent.

To all the writers out there, keep on keeping on writing and to all the painters, keep on keeping on painting. 

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