Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Here we are again! Writerly Wednesday! Hope you enjoy!


She stared at the man opposite her, knowing that no matter how carefully she chose her next words, it wouldn’t matter. She was hurting him. It would take him awhile to get over it. They couldn’t remain friends; his expectations would overshadow that possibility. Maybe someday; maybe never.
He was a good man and she had the utmost respect for him but she couldn’t live a lie.
The look in his eyes and the slump of his body told her he knew. After three years, he could read her well. After college, he’d gone into business with his father. She worked at the hospital as a nurse.
He loved his life. She wanted more. She was heading to Africa to work on the Mercy Charity Hospital Ship. Her blood raced with excitement thinking about it.
She held his hand, took a nervous breath and began to talk.
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