Monday, September 8, 2014


The publication date is getting closer for my revised Winter's Captive, Book 1 of the Georgia Series.

I expect an announcement within the next two weeks and that availability will be October, just in time to order for those Christmas gifts.

My new cover reveal is days away. The e-book will be released at the same time as the pre-sale of autographed paperbacks at a special discounted price. I will post when available so no one will miss the opportunity to take advantage of this and get their own copies and those for those special friends and family members at Christmas.

It's been a lot of hard work and my editors, Ronald Bagliere and Linda Ortola were wonderful to work with on the rewrite of this story. I am so grateful to Melanie Fountain, Owner/Editor-In-Chief of Fountain Blue Publishing for picking up my novel. Melanie and Kim Barton, Business Manager have been so supportive and knowledgeable.

For those of you who have read the book, you may want to another go-round. I've added 10,000 additional words, more angst for Georgia and adventures, as well as developing the spirituality aspect to the story. The decision was made to change the angel encounter to a native spirit, given the geography and the raven. It brings the story that much closer to Chasing Georgia, Book 2 of the Georgia Series, in creative edits with my editors at the moment.

I am really excited to see this story become a series and hope my readers will enjoy.

To my writer friends, Keep on Keeping on Writing. Talk soon.

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