Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Hi everyone!  Winter's Captive, Book 1 of the Georgia Series is now available for a limited time only at a reduced presale price on my publisher's web site. 

Release date is soon. I will repost when I have the exact date. 

If you enjoy suspense, adventure, and women's empowerment stories, this one is for you. Georgia Charles is a survivor and a heroine. And the world needs heroes. 

Here's a sample preview:

     I slowed and glanced around me.  The near darkness provided deep shadows in the trees.  A tangle of fallen trees and branches on my left looked like a good spot to hide in.   Branches scratched my face and caught in my hair as I pulled myself over the decaying trunks.  I tumbled face first into a hollow under a log, filling my mouth with dirt and leaves.   The smell of musty, rotting debris turned my stomach.

    Gary charged over the top of the incline and came to a dead stop.  Damn.  I hoped he would miss the game trail and keep going. 

To order an autographed presale copy visit my publisher, Fountain Blue Publishing HERE.

To my fellow writer's, I did it, so can you!

Keeping on keeping on writing!

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