Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We're almost at the end of 2011. The year passed so quickly. Upon reflection it was a great year for me, things happened I never expected. 

First and foremost, all of my family are healthy and happy. All of my extended family are well too. 
                    One of my sisters is moving, making her holiday season a stressful one. But a change is as good as a rest. I think the move will be a good one. She is closing some doors and new ones are opening. In the end, the move will be a good one and will force a change of routine.
                    My other sister is enjoying the fruits of her move last year as it put her closer to her grandchildren and her daughters.
                    My brother in Britain is surrounded with family and his silly but loving humour is alive and still going strong. His family are all well.
                    My 90-year-old mom just spent Christmas day with my sister and had a wonderful day.

When you reach my age, this is truly a blessing and makes the year complete.

On a personal note, my year was full of new experiences and self-achievement.
                    In January, I signed a publishing contract with Asteroid Publishing in Toronto. A small publisher who includes the author in the aspects of publishing, my hands-on experience in marketing and sales have been illuminating. My biggest hurdle has been learning all about social media. Quite a feat for this grandmother. I'm still learning but so glad to be part of new technology which is definitely a strong part of the future.
                    In February, I started a  job in local government as an Admin. Asst. to the CAO. A part-time job that should be full-time and of which I have worked at almost full-time. It has been interesting work and I'm enjoying it.
                    In September, I had my first media review which made my heart jump. After all the years I spent writing the book, it was a scary process waiting for a review - it was a good one.
                    Since October, I have done three readings/signings. This is a part of the process some authors hate. Writing is one thing, but selling yourself is quite another. After my initial jittery nerves, I actually found myself enjoying them.
                    In November, Independent Publisher for small publishers placed my book on their editor's choice list for the month of November.
                    November/December I found myself writing treatments for book adaptations to film. One production company requested a copy of my book. Early stages that may amount to nothing, but another new experience for me.

So that's my year. On scale of ten I would give it a nine out of ten. Why not ten out of ten? Because I miss my Dad who has been gone now for almost five years. I wish he were here to share my year. Love you, "Middy Waddy".


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