Saturday, August 20, 2011


...Just a short post today to share my excitement!

My publisher mailed me a box of books today. I am SOOOOO EXCITED. Can't wait to see the real thing. I have been doing a lot of marketing along with my publisher for the big release date. It was to be October, but was pushed to November.

Meanwhile we are setting up book tours with indie stores, chains, and libraries, and I have been designing  a bookmark and other promotional materials.

Now back to designing a poster and then working on the sequel.

Speaking of which, I have had a problem with voice for a couple of five-year-olds in the sequel and my good friend and fellow writer, Patricia Puddle in Australia, who writes children's books is helping me catch the voice. So glad to have her help.

Meanwhile, to all of you waiting for the book release, won't be long. And for all you writer's out there -

Keep on keeping on writing.

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