Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It's been awhile since my last post. Excuses?? So much going on...and no muse.

It has been a strange spring on so many counts. First, my new job, which I enjoy immensely, has been full-time pretty much instead of part-time. But that is about to change. I started at a time when the busy season was coming and already there was a back-log of work to do. Learning a new job is stressful at the best of times and this one was especially so since no one at the office had done all of my job and it was learn by my mistakes for some of it. But I think I have made it to the other side and can relax. With a another new girl working two days a week, I can cut back to three days a week now.

Spring did not bring mild temperatures and sunshine, but rather frosty nights, rainy days, and more snow in the mountains. The result being our trout stream flooded big time and we had to prepare for flooding. Our shed at its peak probably had six inches in it and our stream tripled in size. But it is flowing across our property and down the back end, so the house is safe.

And what about my writing?

I haven't done much at all. My muse dried up and it has been hard to find time.  But I have edited my existing chapters of my second novel and thought out character developments in my head. So all is not lost.

As for my first novel, my editor is starting to send me proofs for marketing fact sheets, back cover, etc. The excitement is building that my book will actually be in print this fall. 

This post was to be an author interview of Patricia Puddle, an Australian writer of children's books. My grandaughter loved the first book Patricia wrote and I recently purchased a second book from her for my grandaughter's birthday this month.  Time restraints got in the way. You can look forward to that interview next post. 

Hope all you writer's have your muse. Keep on keeping on writing. 
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