Monday, May 10, 2010


Welcome to my first blog. I have no idea where it will take us, but welcome along for the ride. I will add links to writing sites, favorite blogs, and contests. Like my writing, this blog is a work in progesss.

While setting up this site and choosing to show you my favourite spot to meditate, write, and daydream, I decided to put this question to you. Where and how do you get inspired to write?

For me, it is nature. Of course, everyday life, people, news, and my own experiences supply the fodder for my stories. But to work out the details and pull it all together, I need nature.

The tranquility of our trout stream does that for me. I won't say quiet because it is never so. The wind whistles through the leaves of the aspen, willow and alder trees lining the water's edge, which are full with a variety of birds, singing their songs. The water flowing over our rock waterfall, gurgles and churns it's way into the still pond, where trout-rainbow, brook, and dolly varden-hit the surface for bugs, creating a slapping sound. This is where I am quiet and become the dreamer.

When I'm in my office at the computer, one look out the window reveals the peaks of the local mountains surrounding our valley village of 650 people. A train traverses across Lime Mountain, sounding his whistle as it descends into the valley below and crosses Kelly Lake Road.

Nature is a part of me. It defines who I am. It stands to reason that mother nature must be a part of my writing. If I get writer's block, a hit of nature sets me straight. We all need something to get us back to our passion. I think it is important to figure out what it is for you.

So, back to you and my question. What does it for you?
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